“Keeping it real for Cambridge”

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Why I’m Running
for City Council

I love Cambridge and I love living in Cambridge. I moved here eight years ago for school and never left. Beyond the local shopping, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, my favorite aspect of Cambridge is its diversity. When you see someone —no matter their race, gender expression, or hair color— you know they belong without question. I know I belong.

We as a city are facing many pressing issues — resident displacement, climate change, social inequity. The best time to act was last century. We are at a critical point where failure to act will result in the loss of many things that make our city great. Despite the need for action now, the city at large is in a deadlock trying to decide which problem is most urgent. In my view, they’re inseparable. We should build affordable housing, but it won’t be equitably built in a floodplain or without green spaces. We could replace a city block with a park, but that would displace those who would enjoy it. Many of us want the same thing - a thriving and diverse community. I want to help bridge our gaps so we can get there together.